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Clyde Bergemann

Manufacturers' Representative Serving the Industrial Water Tube Boiler and Utility Boiler Markets

Industrial/Utility Sales, Inc. was incorporated in 1983 as a manufacturer’s representative to serve the industrial water tube boiler and utility boiler markets. The company’s mission statement is to provide superior equipment and services to the industrial and utility boiler markets to lower operation cost and to improve safety while meeting their environmental requirements.

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Specializing in utility coal fired boilers and cogeneration systems as well as utility coal fired boilers and cogeneration systems heavy industry boiler market

We specialize in engineered equipment solutions. We strive to represent the best and most innovative manufacturers in the market place. If we cannot provide a solution through one of these manufacturers, then we will engineer an equipment package that will meet your requirements.

Industries and customers:

Our primary markets are utility coal fired boilers and cogeneration systems. Our secondary market is the large or heavy industry boiler market. This is typically industrial plants that have large coal and gas/oil water tube boilers. We are not in the commercial fire tube boiler market.

Our top five customers are: First Energy, American Electric Power, Dayton Power and Light, Duke Energy and Vogt Power.

Manufacturer’s represented:

Please see our manufacturers’ line card.

Territories served:

All of Ohio, all of Kentucky (with exception of a couple TVA plants) and the southern portion of Indiana. We also support a couple manufacturers in the state of Michigan.

The Instrument Society of America and we support the following trade shows: Power-Gen, Electric Power, Coal-Gen, the AEP Bro Forum, and the Reinhold Environmental Particulate Users Group and NOX Conference.
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